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How Do We Produce?

We, as İda Bahçe Organik Yaşam, departed from Hippocrates’s famous saying “MAY YOUR FOODS BECOME YOUR MEDICINE, AND YOUR MEDICINE YOUR FOOD” and produce foods that will treat you as natural medicines when consumed. With this awareness and responsibility, we obtain beverages with fruit vinegars from fresh fruits with natural and traditional fermentation. We meticulously harvest fruits that were grown with human and environment friendly agriculture applications in İda Bahçe Organik Yaşam gardens. We start the producing process right away without spending any time.

We juice the fruits and leave them to be naturally and traditionally fermented in big oak barrels. We support the fermentation of the juice with traditional white chickpea seeds. We then add natural honeydew honey to ripe vinegar in trace amount to give a mild taste. We make sure that the fresh fruits we grew ourselves are high in nutritional and remedy values. By not pasteurizing and filtering fruit vinegar beverages, we protect their natural probiotic sources, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

 kiraz bahcesi

Why Are We on Mount Ida?

We are located on Mount Ida in order to produce the most aromatized and pure vinegar from the fruits growing on the source of health and remedy. We believe that healthy fruits can only grow on clean soils, with pure water resources and plenty of oxygen. World Health Organization (WHO) lists Mount Ida as the second in oxygen ratio right after the Swiss Alps. A major part of Mount Ida is under protection by the National Park.

It is one of the rare geographies to enable human and environment friendly agriculture away from industry and environmental pollution. Mound Ida is a route for organic life and nature-lovers with its 15.000 hectares of forestland and 5.000 hectares of olive grove and wilderness.

 kiraz bahcesi

İda Bahçe Organik Yaşam


It is almost impossible to spend a natural life, breathing clean air, drinking clean water and consuming completely clean and organic foods for our modern societies. We only keep living on with a life dependent on big cities, modified and non-organic foods, polluted air, closed and air-conditioned places, traffic and work stress and all other disadvantages of a social life. So we should find ourselves little changes to make air daily life healthier. It is really important to have a strong and healthy body whilst struggling with air and noise pollutions and daily stress.

With our dedicatedly produced, natural and healthy food alternatives we, as İda Bahçe Organik Yaşam, plan on helping our customers in not getting ill. İda Bahçe Organik Yaşam points us into the direction of creating miracles by including healthy alternative products into our daily lives. We take our strength from our location in wilderness and creating a healthy and trustworthy route for our consumers to a more healthy and organic life.